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Happy Holidays everyone!

I have been under the radar lately, and wanted to get out of my hole and just say “Happy Holidays!”

Be happy or get out!

A study from the University of Toronto says that creativity is improved when people are in a good mood. This was something that was obvious to me. I have found that I get into the “zone” only when I am really in a good mood. In any work environment, positive karma is a must! If [...]

Amazing Advertising

Found this link that shows some creative advertising campaigns.. My favorite is the lady swimming with sharks..

Been really busy!

I have been really busy with life, work, and family. All is well!

The Economics of Open Source Education

Came across the essay The Economics of Open Source Education. It does a good job analyzing the effects of open source on education. It is only in the past couple of years that we started to see the effects of open source in the software industry. It has created new business models for building and [...]

Ajax Hangs in Safari

At my recent gig, Zingku, I have been doing some heavy duty AJAX. There was one particular bug in Safari that I wanted to share with folks that took a while to figure out. Our environment uses Tomcat as its servlet engine and only on Safari we would experience these random hangs in some AJAX [...]

Run away from EJBs

I came across this article (Java EE Fallacies: EJBs are too complex, POJOs are easier.). EJB, at least EJB 2.0, was one of the most over engineered and painful frameworks I have ever used. Given how bad the taste EJBs left with me, there is nothing any updates will do to get me to ever [...]

Volunteer work for an eight-billion-dollar corporation

This is an amazing story of the ultimate skunk works project..

We’re hiring

We are a small funded company that is building an exciting consumer site that brings together web, mobile, and IM. We are looking for a junior engineer to join our small growing team. Do you love to code? Does the line between hobby and work feel blurry? Have you been inspired by your own ideas [...]

I need my Web 2.0 logo

Came across this site focused on “Web2ifying” well known corporate logos. Some are just hilarious. Enjoy

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