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Confessions of a Tech Entrepreneur – Fortune (Arabia)

This is a translation of an article posted in Fortune (Arabia) – October 2011 Taking on entrepreneurship is one of the most life changing events any person can embark on; it not only impacts the individual, but impacts the community and even the world. An entrepreneur is someone who just does not accept the status [...]

Fortune Arabia – Interview

Sami Shalabi – Fortune Arabia – Career Coaching English translation found here

Reflections from my Ramallah High Tech Hub Trip

A few months ago, Feras Nasr, contacted me to come and speak in Ramallah about entrepreneurship to the tech community and in particular students. I was humbled by the request, and also thrilled at the opportunity because I have a passion for speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs. I have not been to that part of the [...]

Venture Magazine Interview

Sami Shalabi Venture Magazine Interview

MENA Entrepreneurship: Challenged Opportunity

During my trips to the middle east I try to capture new thoughts about things I observe. My previous post on the topic covered my early observations. This summer I had the privilege of hanging out with some Jordanian entrepreneurs and listen to their heroic journeys. Here are my observations: The opportunity is significant, but [...]

Why Internet Censorship in Jordan is Bad for Business

Last week I read the sad news about how an existing Jordanian law related to anti-defamation got applied to Internet websites. As I understand the details of the law is that it links defamation with Jordan’s press and publications laws, making the publisher liable to ensure all content is within the requirements of anti-defamation (See [...]

UMen Interview: Standing Tall

Sami Shalabi UMen Interview

MENA Entrepreneurship: Observations

I had a great time in Abu Dhabi and Amman for both the MIT Pan Arab Conference and Amman Global Entrepreneurship Week. It was really an educational trip since I have not been connected with the entrepreneurial scene in the MENA. I saw two different approaches with regards to entrepreneurship in both Abu Dhabi and [...]

Jordan Business Magazine Interview

Sami Shalabi Jordan Business Magazine Interview

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