Today,, a company founded by my friends Kim Dowds and Katherine Santer got a great review in the Wall Street Journal. Here are some excerpts from the article:

….Jack Cards did introduce me to some clever and original material that I never would’ve seen in my CVS….

….I think its system would be welcomed by many people looking for good-quality, well-designed cards that catch the eye. It saves users the hassle of last-minute trips to the card store, and still lets greeting cards keep their personal touch, which is what makes them such a permanent fixture in our lives.

I wanted to pass on the great news, and say CONGRATS! Their hard work is definitely paying off!

I personally love the service! The service has exposed me to some very unique and high quality cards at prices competitive with my local CVS. If you are in the habit of exchanging cards, like my wife Randa is, it is the best service I have seen in this space!