My mom told me this wonderful little story that I would like to share.

It starts with someone asking the devil about how he is able to create problems in the world. The devil decides to show his friend how he does it. He goes into a beautiful bakery that has a lot of cakes on display. He puts his finger into some syrup and then dabs the syrup onto a glass widow near a beautiful cake display. An insect sees the syrup and flies towards it. A man with a dog walks into the bakery to buy a cake. The dog notices the insect and gets excited jumping towards the insect. As the dog jumps, he spills over the beautiful display of cakes. The store owner gets upset that the display has been destroyed and starts beating the dog. The dog owner jumps in to defend his dog and fights the store owner. Local youth in the area see the fight in the store and run in to help their friend the shop owner. By the end of the process, the whole store gets destroyed.

Now if you look at this story, whose fault is it? Is it the devil, insect, dog, dog owner, shop keeper, or the local youth. The lesson is that people end up behaving badly as a result of a downstream series of events not in their control. We as people (individuals to organizations to governments) need to first think about the consequences of our actions, and try to understand the root cause of the problems we see and try to fix the root!