Archive for August, 2006

Ajax Hangs in Safari

At my recent gig, Zingku, I have been doing some heavy duty AJAX. There was one particular bug in Safari that I wanted to share with folks that took a while to figure out. Our environment uses Tomcat as its servlet engine and only on Safari we would experience these random hangs in some AJAX [...]

Run away from EJBs

I came across this article (Java EE Fallacies: EJBs are too complex, POJOs are easier.). EJB, at least EJB 2.0, was one of the most over engineered and painful frameworks I have ever used. Given how bad the taste EJBs left with me, there is nothing any updates will do to get me to ever [...]

Volunteer work for an eight-billion-dollar corporation

This is an amazing story of the ultimate skunk works project..

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