Archive for June, 2006

World Cup Prize Money

I was watching a game the other day and was a little surprised to hear one of the commentators talk about prize money. For all the years I have watched the world cup it was the first time I heard it. So I looked around and found out that a lot of money is set [...]

World Cup in ASCII art!

Nice hack for geeky soccer fans.. Reminds me of the matrix.. Watch a live feed of the world cup in ASCII art at All you need to do is telnet 2006 and enjoy!


Came across inquisitorx today which is a little search aggregator that provides suggestions as you type with one click search engine changes. Additionally, you can download a safari plugin for it. Seems useful and cool. Plan to use it for a couple of days.


I have been on the search for a feed reader and really never found something that I liked. Mussie suggested that I try a reader called BlogBridge designed by one of his friends Pito. After a couple of days of using it I really like it. Nice UI, simple, fast, and open source. Here are [...]

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