Archive for May, 2006

Farewell IBM

See my Tabblo>

MacBook Woes

Yesterday I picked up a MacBook Pro from the apple store! Store was beautiful, box was beautiful, sales associate was beautiful . Got home, the packing was beautiful, power code was beautiful, power up was beautiful. I was in geek heaven. Loaded up the machine and after installing the dev addons the beautiful mac kept [...]

Thanks, now the wild west!

Next week I start my adventure in the wild west of consumer tech startups. It is a new startup in the mobile consumer space that is still in stealth mode (more to come later). I do this after spending 8+ years at Iris/IBM. I was so touched by how friends, colleages, and customers bid me [...]

Google Web Toolkit

Google just released a Web Toolkit. Interesting idea generating JavaScript from Java code. I have yet to play with the library to have some real feedback. It sounds similar to the ROR’s RJS. It is great to see the big guys giving back! I was not able to find any info about what Google apps [...]

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