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Safari Debugging Tip

Safari has a hidden menu that can be activated by opening up a Terminal and inputting this line: defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Loading up the new MacBook Pro

Just received a new MacBook Pro and it is lovely. I spent the day installing software. Here is what I loaded the machine with on day 1: Skype – IM Adium – IM FireFox FireFox Extensions – FireBug, Web Developer Toolkit Xwindows Server Emacs – Editor MySQL 5.0 MySQL Administrator Eclipse Web Tools Project (with [...]

Play Beautiful

Joga bonito has some amazing soccer videos. Things I did not imagine were possible. My favorite video is Brazilian Ping Pong. Enjoy

My data format is mine!

Ned wrote a wonderful essay titled “Own your data: ad-hoc representations“. I have to totally agree with Ned. I have been involved in a number of projects that applied what we called at the time the Highlander Principle (there shall only be one) to prevent NIH and take advantage of reuse. The end result looked [...]

Go Santiago go!

Just finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I really enjoyed the book. It is a story about an Andalusian shepherd’s journey to find a treasure in the Pyramids. The story is full of little gems about life and how one should pursue their Personal Legend. This book could not be more timely. As I [...]

Javascript inheritance

I have been doing some deep javascript coding recently and doing inheritance with prototype requires that you put your head on sideways. A google search led me to Base.js. It really simplified things for me!

Dual monitor rig is a must have for developers

I heard and read (e.g. Bob’s posting) that having 2 monitors for dev was great. I tried it last week and have to say it is SOOO worth it. I felt the productivity boost. Here is my setup: 20′ widescreen (for coding) + 19′ (for testing) Total monitor costs


I have been using sshd to securely connect to my computer in the office. I setup cygwin‘s sshd on my windows machine, poked a hole on port 22 in the firewall and was ready to rock and roll.. On the client side I used putty to setup the tunnel using the -L option.. Here what [...]


For some folks this might be obvious but Sysinternals has some amazing tools. I liked the process viewer, blue screen screen saver, and the Filemon.. enjoy messing with your system

Hats off Tabblo!

I just posted my IBM farewell party pictures using Tabblo. The experience was A+. I had 108 pictures in iTunes and 2 in email. Through a few clicks plus some upload time I had a result that I loved. I then pointed tabblo to my blog and puff it was up there… Congrats Antonio, Ned [...]

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