Archive for January, 2006

Plain gauze rabbi person

At Lotusphere 2006 I did a demo of Activities (what I work on at IBM) to members of the Japanese press… Here is the article… To understand what they wrote I translated the article on Bable Fish… To my surprise I was identified as the “plain gauze rabbi person” in the article…

Blog Awards from iBLOGthere4iM

KBCafe Blog Awards Winners – iBLOGthere4iM

Today is Dress Up a Pet Day

Came across Lesser Known Holidays… My birthday is not on the list …. What’s interesting about this site is that they implement microformats.. Appears to be a good way to get free publicity..

tools of the trade at 37signals

Came across this.. explains what 37signals uses for their business… interesting, they develop on macs..

Just published an article

Yay.. my article got published. It provides an overview of the IBM Workplace programming model..

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