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Tim O’Reilly’s Description of What is Web 2.0?

Another interesting read..

Book Excerpt: The Innovator’s Dilemma

Got a link to this book excerpt from the innovator’s dilemma. It is an interesting read that provides a perspecitive on the reasons companries rise and fall. Though the discussion was about hard drives, it can easily be related to software.. Enjoy

100 Oldest .COM domain names

Check out the 100 Oldest .COM domain names…

Amazing use of flash

Amazing use of flash from IKEA .. make sure you pan left and right…

Google’s Easter Egg

Came across Google’s Official Easter Egg… It’s cute, but expected more…

What is Web 2.0?

Came across the Result of a “What is Web 2.0?” brainstorming session at FOO Camp 2005. Thought I’d share…

Received My iPod Nano

It recently arrived and it is a work of art. The packaging was soo apple-isous too… Hats off to the apple designers…


I got a reference to -Ofun from a friend. It was an interesting read. In particular, the author’s discussion of the importance of the source control and build systems. I strongly agree with this, the heart beat and tone of a multi developer project is strongly set by the source control and build env.


New buzz word Folksonomy…this refers to a group of people cooperating spontaneously to organize information into categories.


Came across ROLLYO.. neat idea for creating search sources that you can share… It appears to be built on top of yahoo search…

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