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Came across Zimbra… very impressive open source app.. I was blown away with what they were able to get the browser to do… In its current form it is a really nice messaging system… They have a model for allowing 3rd parties to plug into their ui, adding actions/meta data about “stuff in email” such [...]

Expectations of Sotware vs Traditional Engineering

I was reading recently about a comparison of traditional engineering disciplines with software and found some interesting facts that highlight some of the differences. Consider these two projects: Project 1: completed on time, but Estimate cost: $4M -> actual cost $9M Post Release: 30% additional performance work Annual maintenance costs: $3M Project 2: Budgeted time [...]


Came across, it introduces the idea of a blook (a book serialized on a blog). A neat way of creating an “online soap” that people can read/comment on using popular internet technologies…

Google Suggest for Firefox

Installed Google Suggest for Firefox and it is really nice… Does a good job guessing what I want to search for.. Also the fastest spell checker out there

iPod Nano

What a work of art…. A coworker got one and I fell in love…. The ultimate gadget that does it all (photos/music)… Next is to find the accessories for “ultimate” car integration and then compute the damage.. Hats off to the Apple designers on this one… It would be cool to have a key chain [...]

Code Smell?

I have used this word code smell when I see code that just dees not feel right. I did not know that there is some history behind it… enjoy

The Illusion of Simplicity

Came across this and found it funny… Not sure where it is from though…

Simply Fired

Came across Simply Fired… Some funny stories.. The best one I read was a person got fired for eating pizza…


Came across Konfabulator. It is a cool windows app that recreating the mac dashboard… Most of the widgets are very well done.. Check out the yoda widget….

Grease Monkey

I read today a piece about grease monkey in wired. A clever firefox plugin and concept. It enables people to change web pages after the fact. It is easy to come up with lots of new applications that build on this..

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